Starting over!

I am very guilty of starting over the blog when I discover yet ANOTHER custom world for me to play with. I’ve been looking for ones that range between tiny to small, after my experience with larger worlds have been…short-lived. But this time, I shall prosper beyond the birth of the 2nd generation! (Oh dear.)

Anyway, here are the reasons behind this complete do-over:

  1. In my effort to give my game less reasons to lag and less problems for me to deal with, I’ve decided to purge out my cc and keep the ones I really like and WILL keep on using. As a result, most of the sims I’ve saved don’t really look like their old selves with most of the cc removed…so I’ve remade them as brand new sims (names and personality retained)!
  2. Since this new world is very small (if you want to see how adorably small it is, here you go!), and I’d rather not control over 50+ sims because god knows how long that’ll take me to play everyone, I’ve reduced the total of active households from 16 to 10.

So there you go! To make space for all the new horde of pictures that I’ll be uploading here, I’ll be deleting everything that I’ve posted so far. Which makes me a bit sad, but I can work with that. I’ve already started playing two families in the new world, and despite some routing failure and other minor issues I’ll keep in mind, I LOVE IT! It’s working out great. I’m going through great lengths just to make sure I’ll last AT LEAST 3 generations this time.

The presentation of the blog was a bit all over the place in the beginning, but for now I can finally say what this blog is about: it’s a Sims 3 rotational gameplay mixed with random legacy elements! Which means I’ll be playing every single active household in the world that is set up according to randomized rolls, which can be done here. Rules are here. If it’s all very confusing and overwhelming, don’t worry. I assure you I am just as confused, but mostly excited! FINALLY A CLEAR GOAL!

In any case, as soon as I delete all the existing posts regarding the earlier incarnations of Simbora, I’ll be posting a brand new update (and hopefully continue the trend of updating again, preferably soon). Thank you for sticking with me and reading!

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