Welcome to Simbora, a Sims 3 neighborhood that features the everyday stories and lives of several sims and families. If you’re new here, you can choose to read the stories in the following:

  • Read by sim
  • Read by year
  • Read by family
  • Read by districts
  • Or read in any way you like! Do take note that reading the sim and household profiles will give you some spoilers, so read it with caution!

I do recommend reading it from the first round, which can be found here. The introduction round was a bit experimental and all over the place, but it provides enough background for each family, so you can start from there too.

After years of playing the Sims 3, it makes me happy to know that this game still continues to surprise me. I wasn’t aware of these neighborhood-rotation blogs before, but I’m glad I found some. Check out these lovely stories! They were the ones that inspired me to make my own!

It’s still a pretty fresh town, but I do hope I can get to continue this in the long run. I’m having a lot of fun so far, and I hope I can share that fun with you too. 😀 Thank you for reading!