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Round 1: August 2009 (Narrated by Arianne Halili)

Since last year, I have set my sights on becoming the next president in class. I already knew I had it in me to lead, and so when Ate Sammy stepped down from her position, it was time for me to shine.

My friends were really supportive of me, but I think no one could ever top Dad‘s enthusiasm about the whole thing.

But I think the one support that I need is from Ate Sammy herself. I only look up to the best of the best, and having her guidance is really gonna help me in the long run.

When Ate Sammy and her family moved out of their old house, we kinda drifted apart and hung out more with our separate group of friends. So it was nice to see that my becoming president also means spending time again together.

Having visitors over in the house is something that both Kuya Martin and Dad look forward to; Kuya gets to cook fancy dishes and Dad gets to entertain. For this dinner though, they switched things up (much to Kuya’s pleasant surprise).

Dad loves nothing more than interacting with people that he’s always rushing off to the salon to work! Every day he comes home with another story about the customers he gets to meet.

He gives off the feeling that he’s not really that happy to work there though. Sometimes I catch him working hard on something even when he’s already late for work, and he continues working on it when he gets home.

Whatever it is, I’m just glad it doesn’t make him too busy for game night!

Speaking of busy, Kuya Martin never seems to find time to do anything else unless it involves doing chores or homework. (I don’t mind if he takes care of everyone’s laundry though; I’ll leave all of the smelly clothes to him!)

It’d be really nice if he’s not as smelly as our laundry though. I bet he makes himself stinky on purpose just to annoy me during breakfast!

Thankfully, he does bother to take a bath every day. Then he’s either out to meet with his friends or just stay in his room and do nothing else but read cookbooks.

Having someone around who knows how to cook is pretty handy, especially when I had the sudden inspiration to learn how to bake after learning from Febie how much money she made from selling deserts.

Of course I went to work on it right away! Kuya Martin was nice enough to cooperate and teach me how to bake, and I think I can owe it to him for not having burnt any of the muffins I made that day.

I thought it was suspicious that Kuya agreed to go and help me and Febie in setting up my bake sale, but then I realize it was just an excuse to see Ate Amy. It was funny seeing my brother getting all flustered around her, so I didn’t mind much!

What I do mind though, is when Kuya suggested that I might have a crush on Ate Amy’s brother Vince. I don’t know where he’s getting all these weird ideas, but I do NOT have a crush on him.

Between the Sarvida twins, I have always been closer to Febie than with Vince. But lately, I want to try to get closer with Vince too, just because I think it’s unfair that Febie and I have been leaving him out of things.

That means I spend twice as much on the telephone just talking to both of them separately, but I’m sure no one in the house will mind me hogging the phone all to myself!

Notes & random pics:

  • Title is from No Matter What from Steven Universe the movie!
  • Arianne’s first time selling baked goods was actually a failure…I made the mistake of setting up her table in front of the theater, so of course everyone was too busy going to the movies instead of buying 😦
  • I let her go to the park with Martin’s friends in hopes that they’ll buy, but nope, they were too busy participating in the Spring Dance (sigh). I’ll try again next time!
  • Martin’s crush was actually because of this wish that he rolled up as soon as his wish to hang out with Amy was fulfilled:
  • I had to check first if he was a hopeless romantic. Nope! Out of all the girls he wanted to kiss, it had to be someone who isn’t single, tsk tsk (He also rolled the wish to kiss Zoe who, surprise surprise, also isn’t single!)

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