1.1 Healthy options

Rickie Sarvida figured he’ll have a wonderful partner by now in addition to having adorable children, but nope, the universe would rather have him one over the other instead of both.

Being single at 27 isn’t the end of the world, but he sure acts like it is!

He’s too busy doting on his kids to actively try and meet someone new anyway.

Time hasn’t stopped since the day he got Amy, Vince, and Febie, but in his eyes, they will always be his babies. They’re growing up too fast for him, and it won’t be long before they’ll leave and settle on their own. He didn’t want to start thinking about it this early, but here he is, thinking about it.

Febie’s delighted squeals pulls him back to the present. Right! He’s here in the playground with the kids. His eldest isn’t graduating in a few more years. He isn’t likely to become a grandpa anytime soon.

Amy glances at her father, sees him looking all forlorn, and guesses he’s probably in one of his moods again. “Do you want me to push you too, Dad?”

Rickie decides he’s NOT going to be in one of his moods today. “Nah, I’ll let Vince have his fun now.”

Unaware of their father’s melancholy, Febie and Vince try to enjoy the park as much as they can before the weekend is over.

Amy loves to indulge her baby siblings’ requests, so today Febie gets a turn on the swing while Vince pretends to be a pirate. He cannot be swayed from his roleplaying to take over his father’s spot at the swing.

At some point in the afternoon, Matt Ramirez arrives in the park with his brother JV, prompting Amy to leave the twins for a bit to catch up with her classmate.

Normally, Rickie would be worried to see Amy spending a lot of time with boys, but knowing that one of them is gay and the other looks too shy to make any trouble, he relaxes for a bit. He’s not sure which is which though.

Rickie probably should have clarified that first with his daughter before making small talk with the poor boy at the bookstore. It takes all of Martin Halili’s willpower to continue smiling and nod. Why is his crush’s father talking to him? Why are they talking about art?? Why won’t he leave him alone???

Rickie works at a small photography studio at the end of the shopping center. His customers are usually other doting parents who want a fancy portrait of their children, whether as toddlers or as fresh graduates. Wedding pictures are not as common, but when he do get commissions, he does them begrudgingly. It’s never a good time to be reminded of your perpetual singleness.

“Sometimes I wish we could just skip all this hassle and get married already,” Mau Galendez admits. He didn’t realize planning for a wedding would take this much work.

“Oh, you and me both,” Rickie mutters to himself.

Rickie’s long and irregular hours often leave the kids to themselves, but there’s nothing to worry with Amy around.

Not only does she take care of all the chores, she also helps the twins get ready for school and with their homework, all while juggling her own schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and part-time job. Amy does it all.

Getting these kids to wake up early is a pain, but she always wins this battle.

Febie is relatively easier to wake up, and it’s only because she wants to exercise before breakfast. As her class’ budding star athlete, she is determined to stay in top condition.

At least the workout videos their father bought and never used are finally seeing the light of the day, assuming she sticks through with it.

Perhaps the question isn’t whether or not she’ll stick through it, but whether she knows when to take a break.

One time Febie got muscle cramps so bad that Rickie had her stay home from school to rest properly. She has to endure some scolding of course, but whatever, she gets to stay in her pajamas all day!

Amidst all her responsibilities, Amy also makes time for her hobbies. Despite cramped living conditions, she is determined to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in this house.

Across their gate, she can see Jacob Rahbati taking advantage of the swing after a quick jog around the neighborhood.

Children’s Park is hardly ever empty and sees a variety of visitors throughout the day, from aspiring joggers…

…to brooding mayors…

…to loud children, proving the park of its boring namesake.

Amy’s interest in gardening didn’t just come out of nowhere. It comes from her incessant need to get everyone in the house to eat healthy. Unfortunately for her, her father’s preference for quick meals is a prime obstacle to this goal.

Yum, pre-packaged goodness.

She can’t make them feel guilty if she’s not here to see this, right?

Father and daughter compromise by either ordering take out or taking out everyone to eat at Rickie’s favorite diner. They offer vegetarian-friendly meals here too, so everyone can order their favorites.

Vince is a little shy and prefers being alone or just with his family, but schoolwork forces him to spend time with his peers more often than he’s comfortable with.

Not that his peers would voluntarily spend time with him either. His timid behavior has somehow made him unpopular among his classmates, further reinforcing his need to be alone.

For a project, he has the unfortunate timing of getting paired to a grieving classmate. Sammy Talisay just lost her grandmother to old age and isn’t her usual cheerful self, which leaves Vince fumbling around to think of something to say.

“Um, we could watch a movie first, if you want,” he offers the first thing that comes to mind. “My sister just finished downloading one, so…I could sneak in the laptop, and we’ll pretend we’re working on the project if they catch us and…um.” He stops and looks at her for a response.

Sammy gives him a small smile. “Sure. I don’t mind watching one now.”

That turned out to be a good decision. They enjoyed the movie so much that they ended up losing track of time (and their interest in the homework). To compensate for not working, Vince offers Sammy to stay for dinner.

Sammy shows gratitude to her host by washing the dishes. Amy wishes her siblings would follow her example.

The experience gave him his very first friend outside the family.


Instead of making another blog, as my natural tendencies would have led me to, I decided to delete everything and just start over from here!

This is a Sims 3 random legacy blog (you can read the rules here) and rotational gameplay hybrid, which means each playable household in the world has randomized rolls per generation, and I get to play all of those households one at a time while having to follow their assigned rolls. It’s a very ambitious hybrid, if you ask me. But I do miss having a bit of structure, and I am enjoying the act of jumping from one household to another, so we’ll see how this will turn out!

As established, we’re starting with the Sarvida household. The rolls are: single parent, 3 children, freelance photographer, expansionist, and it’s so YOU!

Btw, I wanted to take some creative liberties with the rolled career here, because I don’t have WA (or University Life too, apparently that one has the skill). But with the power of CC and determination, I’ll make do with pretending and just selling Rickie’s paintings at the consignment store.

The only roll that I have left to start is the expansionist, and oh boy. You can imagine how much trouble I’m having building on a 10×10 lot, but I love struggling the coziness. And it makes decoration quick, which is always a plus for me!

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