1.1 Healthy options

Rickie Sarvida figured he’ll have a wonderful partner in addition to having adorable children, but nope, the universe would rather have him one over the other instead of both.

Being single at 27 isn’t the end of the world, but he sure acts like it is!

He’s too busy doting on his kids to try and meet someone new anyway. Or at least that’s what he always tells himself. His lack of trying is not out of being busy, but out of the nagging feeling that there’s no one really out there for him. Facing that thought takes more effort than he’s willing to put into, so he actively avoids it.

Febie’s delighted squeal pulls him back to the present. He’s been sitting idly on the swing for a few minutes.

Amy glances at her father, looking all forlorn, and guesses he’s probably in one of his moods again. “Do you want me to push you too, Dad?”

Rickie decides he’s NOT going to be in one of his moods today. “Nah, I’m just about to give Vince his turn.”

Unaware of their father’s melancholy, Febie and Vince enjoy the park as much as they can before the weekend is over.

Matt Ramirez arrives in the park with his brother JV, prompting Amy to leave her family for a bit to catch up with her classmate.

Normally, Rickie would be worried to see Amy spending a lot of time with boys, but knowing that one of them is gay helps him relax for a bit. He’s not sure which is which though.

He probably should have clarified that first with his daughter before making small talk with Martin Halili, who is understandably mortified to face his crush’s father in the bookstore. 

Rickie tells his daughter about the encounter earlier. Amy is not amused; she knows Martin will start avoiding the shopping center again, leaving her to start dragging him again. It’s not a pleasant process.

“Did you really have to go and intimidate Martin like that?”

“Honey, we were having a quick pleasant chat about art. There’s nothing intimidating about that.”

“You trapped the poor boy in the Arts and Craft section,” she reminds him wryly. “Please don’t do that again.”

Rickie works at a small photography studio at the shopping center. His customers are usually other doting parents who want a fancy portrait of their children, whether as toddlers or as fresh graduates. Wedding pictures are not as common, but when he does get commissions, he does them begrudgingly. It’s never a good time to be reminded of your perpetual singleness.

“Sometimes I wish we could just skip all this hassle and get married already,” Mau Galendez admits. He didn’t realize planning for a wedding would take this much work.

“Oh, you and me both,” Rickie mutters to himself.

Rickie’s long and irregular hours often leave the kids to themselves, but with Amy around, he’s got nothing to worry about.

Chores, homework, extracurricular activities, part-time job, Amy does it all.

Hearing other teens’ loud chatter from outside reminds her to live life a little. But first, she needs to finish this paper!

Getting these kids to wake up early is such a pain, but Amy will always have her way.

As her class’ budding star athlete, Febie backs up her training by using the workout videos their father bought years ago.

For something that was never used, they still work like a charm.

A quick workout seems enough to create a huge appetite, Amy notes as Febie wolfs down her waffles. Their father’s share of waffles is facing the grim possibility of being devoured soon.

“Slow down, Feb,” Amy warns, earning a glare from her sister. “You’re gonna choke like that.”

“You never call out Vince when he does it,” Febie accuses before slowing down.

“That’s because he doesn’t need me to remind him to stop,” Amy sighs. “See? He knows what he’s doing.”

“Don’t drag me into this.” Vince’s protest gets drowned out as his sisters continue to talk over him about something else. They’re always like this.

Frequent bickering aside, the sisters are actually close.

Contrary to what her family thinks, Amy has time for a hobby.

Despite limited planting space, she is determined to grow something edible for this household.

Across their gate, she can see Jacob Rahbati taking advantage of the swing after a quick jog around the neighborhood.

Children’s Park is hardly ever empty and sees a variety of visitors throughout the day, from aspiring joggers…

…to brooding mayors…

…to loud children, proving the park of its boring namesake.

Amy’s interest in gardening didn’t just come out of nowhere. It comes from her incessant need to get everyone in the house to eat healthy. Unfortunately for her, her father’s preference for quick meals is a prime obstacle to this goal.

Yum, pre-packaged goodness.

She can’t make them feel guilty if she’s not here to see this, right?

Father and daughter compromise by eating at Rickie’s favorite diner. They have vegetarian-friendly options.

Vince prefers to spend his time alone or with family, but schoolwork forces him to interact with his peers more often than he’s comfortable with.

Not that his peers would voluntarily spend time with him either. His reserved behavior somehow made him unpopular among his classmates, thus further reinforcing his need to be alone.

Sammy Talisay, one of the cool kids in their class, gets paired up with him for a project. He notices her downcast mood while they were walking home together, and by the time they reached his house, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“If you didn’t like me that much, why did you agree to be partners?” he says angrily, trying not to look hurt. He was used to working alone on school projects. Why have a partner now?

“What?” Sammy looks up, surprised. “I never said I didn’t like you! I think you’re pretty cool and smart.” She gives him a strange look. “You always leave the classroom first, so I never get to talk to you.”

“Oh.” He looks down. “I thought you were down ’cause you’re stuck with me.”

“No no!” she says quickly. “I’ve just been thinking about my lola. It was her funeral yesterday.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. ” His little outburst left him feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and a bit relieved. When he looks up again, he sees Sammy smiling at him. Vince tries to smile back before letting her inside the house.

The two discover an unlikely bond over books — Vince didn’t expect Sammy to be an avid reader — and the rest of the evening went without a hitch. Amy invites her to stay for dinner.

Febie tries to show off in front of Sammy by teasing her twin in front of everyone.

Sammy shows her gratitude by offering to wash the dishes. Amy wishes the twins would follow her example instead of running off somewhere. Vince is probably NOT hiding in the bathroom.

Here’s Febie, who already escaped upstairs to avoid chores. 

Amy is gonna have to make a password for that laptop soon.

The experience gives Vince his very first friend outside the family.


Instead of making another blog, as my natural tendencies would have led me to, I decided to delete everything and just start over from here!

This is a Sims 3 random legacy blog (you can read the rules here) and rotational gameplay hybrid, which means each playable household in the world has randomized rolls per generation, and I get to play all of those households one at a time while having to follow their assigned rolls. It’s a very ambitious hybrid, if you ask me. But I do miss having a bit of structure, and I am enjoying the act of jumping from one household to another, so we’ll see how this will turn out!

As established, we’re starting with the Sarvida household. The rolls are: single parent, 3 children, freelance photographer, expansionist, and it’s so YOU!

Btw, I wanted to take some creative liberties with the rolled career here, because I don’t have WA (or University Life too, apparently that one has the skill). But with the power of CC and determination, I’ll make do with pretending and just selling Rickie’s paintings at the consignment store.

2 thoughts on “1.1 Healthy options”

  1. Hello! It’s nice to have stumbled across a new Sims 3 blog (or at least new story, considering your do-over) 😊
    This is a lovely start with the Sarvida story. The dynamic of the single father and kids is refreshing, and their little family is super cute! It reminds me of how fun gameplay is, following the mishaps and shenanigans of the simmies. I’m looking forward to whatever adventures this rotational gameplay style will bring ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! I gasped in excitement to see that there’s an active Sims 3-related blog here!
      This family has been the reason why I’ve started to enjoy playing in a wish-based style, it’s a whole new gameplay for me to try. I’m glad you’re enjoying this as much as I am! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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