1.2 The cool sibling

Abel Quintos could hardly sustain a family, let alone a functional one. 

When his wife left along with their two sons, he resigns himself to his fate with as much grace as he is capable of. This was bound to happen.

Except when it didn’t. 

On one fateful night, Abel finds himself meeting his two orphaned grandchildren at the tender ages of 10 and 7, accompanied by their distraught Uncle Jude. For all the bad blood in their family, he didn’t spare a moment taking them all in. He’s the only one they’ve got.

10 years down the line, the Quintos household is now up to 2 squabbling teenagers, 1 flamboyant adult, and 1 tired elder. 

It’s still a bit surreal to think that one of the boys is gone. All that’s left to remind him of Jonas are these awkward pictures and Danna’s likeness of her father. She really takes after him a lot.

“What was Papa like when he was younger?” Danna had asked him once she and her brother settled down in their new room. It used to be the boys’ room, and it hasn’t been unlocked since the kids arrived. It was quite dusty, but nothing unmanageable.

“He liked libraries,” Abel had replied after a pause. “He used to cut classes by hiding in the library at school.”

“Dad was cool,” her older brother Silas had said from the top bunk. “Danna hides in the library too, but that’s because she’s a nerd.”

Danna had responded by throwing a pillow at Silas, who failed to block it. Abel hadn’t laughed that freely for years.

As if to compensate for how poorly things turned out with Jonas, Abel is considerably a better parent to Danna and Silas than he ever will be with his own kids. They even look up to him.

Silas was right about his sister being a nerd, but now it’s an identity that she wields with pride.

She’s currently studying day and night to nab the highest honors in her class, a position that pits her against Kate Umali, her number one enemy. 

Despite being relatively popular among her peers, Danna has horrible luck in the romance department. Nothing would prepare her from the devastating response she received from her crush that morning.

From this point on, Danna will NOT tolerate any reminders of romance, starting with her uncle’s favorite TV show ever.

“Can you change the channel into something else please?” she pleads.

“Are you serious? This is the season finale! They’re finally getting married and I’m NOT missing out on this.”

“At least turn down the volume,” Danna says sullenly, returning to her now cold waffles. “Her crying is really, really annoying.”

Determined to forget about her ill-fated crush on Matt Ramirez, Danna busies herself with repairing all the broken plumbing around the house.

Sadly, Danna’s tinkering skills aren’t high enough to repair their ancient TV. Abel loathes to think of having it replaced, so he stubbornly depends on their usual repair service to take care of it.

Silas is an average student, getting through school with a couple of Cs and Bs. But getting compared to his sister is enough to make him look bad. You just can’t compete against innate ability.

So he sets out to try something else. Find your own niche, as he was told. Maybe he can be the cool and charismatic sibling.

When practicing in front of the mirror didn’t work out the first time, Silas gives up altogether. The next morning, he’s eating his waffles so slowly that they probably have gone cold by now. At first Jude thought there was something wrong with his waffles, then realizes that the teens are the ones with problems.

“Sooo, what’s the big event? Running for class president?” Jude asks while casually flipping to the next page.

Silas almost chokes on his waffles. “What? Were you eavesdropping?” 

His uncle glances at him with raised eyebrows. “No, you were just that loud. Our neighbors could practically listen to your entire speech.”

Silas frowns, his voice dropping to a horrified whisper. “Oh plumbob, do you really think they could hear it next door?”

“Of course not, I was just joking,” Jude gives him a sympathetic look. “If you really wanna have a go at it, charisma classes are a thing you know?” 

Silas pretends to think about it. Taking classes is the last thing on his mind, especially knowing that some of his classmates are taking them too. He’s not that desperate to embarrass himself again.

If becoming self-taught isn’t working out, maybe he could learn a thing or two from Jude. The man could probably make 20 friends with all his charm if he wants to.

Too bad he spends all that charm on flirting with cute guys like Reo Halili. Silas is starting to reconsider taking charisma classes.

Squabbling aside, the Quintos siblings get along pretty well most of the time. Today, Danna even manages to drag her brother to the library. Her friend Martin was too busy pining after his crush to hang out with her even when they planned this days ago, but whatever. She’s here to play scrabbles.

“Since when did Mrs. Ramirez have board games?” 

“Since yesterday. She decided the library needs a little something to attract more visitors.”

“I guess even you and Martin aren’t enough to make this place lively,” Silas teases.

“Hey, we are very good company!” Danna huffs.

Hearing the teens’ loud chatter upstairs makes Sandra Ramirez question her decision in the long-term. They’re just having fun, she reminds herself. The novelty will wear off once they get used to it. 

Still, that’s no excuse to ignore the sanctity of silence! 

Secretly, Silas keeps up with same old cheesy telenovelas that his uncle loves watching. Danna only joins him to poke fun at the story and the characters.

“Wow, the woman who looks exactly like his first wife turns out to be her all along.” Danna shakes her head in disbelief. “Why is everyone surprised?”

Silas is too emotionally invested on the climax to acknowledge his sister’s snarky comment. The 1st wife and 2nd wife are engaging in a fight until one dies. It is very intense.

Silas hates the outdoors and prefers the comfort of an air-conditioned room to a natural breeze from outside. Danna hates leaving him out of the spontaneous food trips she has with their uncle, and so one day he is dragged along to have some snowcones.

He even agrees to a water balloon fight before they go home. Aawww.

Only the teens are getting wrecked. Jude is untouchable!

Sometimes Danna tags along with her Uncle to the gym. She joins the yoga sessions upstairs, while Jude uses the machines downstairs.

Eventually, he gets distracted by the cute trainer and hits on him, only to find out he’s both straight AND taken. Two qualities that give him the most despair!

He gets over it quickly and makes up for the awkwardness by agreeing to a one-on-one match. Jude promptly gets his ass kicked by being unashamedly bad at basketball.

By the end of the day, Danna discovers that Uncle Jude is now friends with the cute trainer. How come he’s getting all the cute guys?


Another family! This time it’s the Quintos household. The rolls for this family are: single parent w/ help, 2 children, science, cuisine, idle career, and no strangers. For a more interesting dynamic, I killed off Danna and Silas’ parents and have their grandfather as their legal guardian, which makes him their parental figure? And Jude is back at his childhood home to be the help.

In my very first version of Simbora, Abel was a huge asshole. He kept yelling and arguing with his grandkids for no good reason, which became one of the reasons why they don’t like staying in the house. It’s nice to see that he mellowed down in this save, he’s more pleasant to play this way.

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