Aging and Calendar

I turn aging off, so I could manually age my sims according to their “birthdays,” which mostly depends on what month the non-stories are currently in. I count the sims’ ages according to this threshold (which is generally based on what Sandy from Around the Sims made):

Life stageAge
Baby0 years old
Toddler1 – 5 years old
Child6 – 11 years old
Teen12 – 18 years old
Young adult19 -30 years old
Adult31 – 59 years old
Elder60 + years old

Ever since I discovered Jonha’s height sliders, I could never live without it again! I also follow Sandy’s list for how she changes the heights for toddlers to teens, with a few variations every now and then.

Though I did say I would age up sims according to their birthdays, that’s only if their birthdays happen to be any month before June. This is because in the Philippines, classes usually start in June, so in order to make things more organized, I’ll have all younger sims with birthdays from June – December age up on May.

The aging threshold is also important for me when I enroll the young sims into school:

Kinder-I4 years old
Kinder-II5 years old
Grade 16 years old
Grade 27 years old
Grade 28 years old
Grade 49 years old
Grade 510 years old
Grade 611 years old
Junior High School
Grade 712 years old
Grade 813 years old
Grade 914 years old
Grade 1015 years old
Senior High School
Grade 1116 – 17 years old
Grade 1217 – 18 years old

I follow the calendar and seasons that we have here, which means no autumn (sigh) and no winter! I only use the spring and summer seasons. The calendar usually consists of the following activities that I’ll try to do for each month, in the context of Filipino education and culture:

JanuaryNew Year’s Eve
College students return to college
FebruaryValentine’s Day
MarchSchool ceremonies (Graduation, etc.)
AprilStart of summer vacation
Or summer classes 😛
MayEnd of summer vacation
JuneStart of classes
JulyNutrition month
AugustSchool/Community fiesta
SeptemberStart of rainy season
OctoberSchool break
(College students return home)
NovemberAraw ng mga patay/Day of the Dead
DecemberChristmas Eve

The sunniest place in SimNation.

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