Other sims blogs

I’m pretty late to this kind of sims blogging but it’s never too late for me to discover old and new ones!

TS3 neighborhoods

Sandy’s Sandy Valley

Kim’s Honeycombe Valley

Sara’s Bimlico

Karin’s Niua Simoa

Alexandra’s Enekjaer

Raquelaroden’s Plymouth Falls

TS2 neighborhoods

Carla’s Sullivan

Maisie’s Millwood

Shana’s Pine Hollow

Sari’s Wellington

Blackcat’s Richmond

Simnovoris’ Barchester

Deedee sims’ Griffinmere BACC

Kahlenas’ Seahaven BACC

TS4 neighborhoods

Jennifer’s Freedom Shores

Shana’s Pine Hollow

Purzelsims’ Silvershore BACC

MissyHissy’s The Daily Plumbob

Beanstalk_sims’ Culpepper pals

I also read Sims 3 random legacy challenge blogs (and I had an RLC blog too, but I abandoned it when it became laggy…that was before I discovered the wonderful world of mods!) and other challenge blogs. These are the ones I’ve discovered and been reading for a while:

Completed challenges:

The Archers of Barnacle Bay by Becky

The R&R Legacy by Becky

Ongoing challenges:

Goldbeard RLC by Becky

Lawful Chaotic: A Sims 3 Legacy Challenge by Becky

Quills: A Sims 3 Random Legacy by Becky

Doe Random Legacy by The Realm of Rohan

Sample a Brave Legacy by echoweaver

Discontinued legacies/challenges:

The Corona Legacy by ixot

In the Scent of the Lotus by yangthecat (Wishacy)

Pollard EPIC Sims 3 Legacy by ixot (EPIC challenge)

Absolutely Cuckoo by ixot (ISBI)

The sunniest place in SimNation.

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