Town management

I find the rotational gameplay that Sims 2 players and bloggers use to be a very fun one, so I decided to incorporate it while I play the Sims 3! I stumbled upon pleasantsims’ way of playing TS3 and adapted most of her methods while changing and removing some options. You can read her play style here, or you can also refer to this tutorial on Nraas.

The following mods are used to make this gameplay possible:

The first thing to do is set up a caste that prevents inactive households from progressing. For your convenience, I’ll show the settings that I use here.


  1. On clicking the city hall or computer, go to NRaas > SP > Caste options > New Caste. I call mine “Rotations
  2. Click on the Rotations caste in the Caste options menu and make sure that Caste: Automatic = False, then change Caste: Apply to Household to True
  3. Then I change the following settings:
  • Career: Allow Progression = False
  • Caste: Priority = 5
  • Household: Allow Move as Family = False
  • Household: Allow Move Solo = False
  • Money: Allow Purchase Deeds = False
  • Money: Allow Inventory Management = False
  • Pregnancy: Allow Adoption = False
  • Pregnancy: Allow Can Be Pregnant = False
  • Pregnancy: Allow Participation = False
  • Push: Allow Skills = False
  • Romance: Allow = False
  • Skill: Allow = False
  • Skill: Allow Harvest = True

After finishing it, all the inactive households will be placed under the new Rotations by clicking on a family’s map tag or any wall of their house and going to NRaas > Story Progression > Household Options > Caste: Manual. Click on the check mark twice to confirm and select the Rotations caste. Repeat for all families.


  1. Before changing to the next household, the current household must be placed into the Rotations caste using the same instructions above
  2. Click on the next household and go to NRaas > Master Controller > Make Active
  3. After switching, take out the same household from the Rotations caste by doing the following: NRaas > Story Progression > Household Options > Reset to Defaults > Caste Manual > Rotations. Repeat for all families when switching households again.


I don’t like having numerous random sims pop up in town, so to prevent this, I change the following settings:

  1. Click on City Hall or a computer, then go to NRaas > Story Progression > General Options > Options: Lots > Options: Immigration/Emigration > Immigration Gauge.
  2. Set the number to 1,000. You can go higher than that number if you want!
  3. For preventing more role sims to be created, go to NRaas > Register > Allow Immigration


I use the Pregnancy Progress Controller mod to give me more control on handling my sims’ pregnancies, but unfortunately for me, inactive pregnancies can’t be paused for long periods of time.

This is mostly a gripe for storytelling and continuity issues, but for future pregnancies I’ll try not to leave a current household with an ongoing pregnancy until after the baby is born.

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